Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Sykes Family!

The Sykes family is awesome!! I communicated with Criss through various emails as she asked a million hilarious questions and explained how much she loved her family. She asked about what to wear and sent me photos so I could see their coloring and make suggestions. She spoke of how she ADORED her husband and how they have not had family photos taken in quite a while because she hadn't found someone who could capture them and the love that they share. I hope we did a descent job... because when I look through these images all I see is the love. We spent the afternoon near the Fullerton train station and found that there were special ties even there because Criss' dad worked for Southern Pacific. Criss found us through our amazing clients Scott & Tana who are Aunt and Uncle to our other amazing clients Ben & Dawnel.

*Here's the kicker!! From the very first email I received I thought... I know this gal! After she explained her sons Chad and Kevin and her fabulous husband Bobby it all clicked. I had the most wonderful teachers while I was growing up. So wonderful in fact that I spent 15 years of my life working towards being a teacher myself. (the detour to photography is another story for different day) My second grade teacher was young, hip and gorgeous. I wanted to be her. She was kind and poured over her students and we were thrilled to find out she would soon stop being Miss Thruston to be MRS. SYKES! It took all the restraint I had over these last few months to not ruin the surprise. I wanted to hug her through our emails and say, "remember me!!!" So, when Matt and I showed up at the train station Criss took one look at me and said,"you look soooo familiar, I know you" And then being the giant dork that I am removed the photos I stole from my childhood album at my mom's house and showed Mrs. Sykes THIS!

(i was a gawky 4th grader, don't judge me interwebs)

Check us out now!

She is still a total BABE!!
Criss, Bobby, Kevin and Chad thank you so much for allowing us to capture your family at this specific moment in time. There is a warmth to your family that I cannot explain in words but I felt it. The way that the two of you look at each other and love each other is setting such a beautiful example for your boys who are rapidly turning into men. Thank you for the hugs. It was so exciting to see all of you. There are some shoots that will be etched into my mind forever, this is one of them.

The world is so small sometimes, and God is good.


  1. oh man! I totally didn't see this post for some reason. These pictures look great, and the back story...totally entertaining!

  2. I LOVE the story! (and your old hair cut rocks!) These are super fun!!! (And I am totally editing pictures from the same location right now lol.)



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