Friday, January 30, 2009

Ross & Kelly: ENGAGED!!

Ross and Kelly are amazing and they're getting married at one of our favorite private residences! We also share a love for the fantabulous city of Portland!! Ross and Kelly are committed and ready for marriage. We hung out at McClain's in downtown Fullerton where they shared their first date and then headed over to the beautiful Arboretum. During our time spent together we heard an awesome story from Ross. Some girl at a camp far, far from home and long, long ago wanted to kiss him. Ross being as thoughtful as he is pondered the idea and decided that his first kiss would be more than a fun moment with a stranger. Rather than the traditional promise ring Ross started to wear an anklet that has since been wrapped SEVERAL times with tape to hold it together. It will be ceremonially cut at the wedding but that first kiss was saved for his wife to be. Can you imagine how special Kelly must feel to know that Ross' lips have only touched hers!!! I love our clients. They remind Matt and I how to cherish each other.

Ross & Kelly we are sooo looking forward to your wedding. Thanks for loving each other and making our job ridiculously easy :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Heather & Brennan: ENGAGED!!

Heather and Brennan are a perfect fit! They suit each other and they suit us. We met them on a Friday and shot their engagement two days later before they left to go back to Indianapolis. If they didn't live across the country we'd probably be hanging as we speak. Brennan is in a rad band called Haste the Day, do yourself a favor and check them out HERE!

Thanks for hanging out and bringing all your awesomeness to the shoot. The four of us make an amazing photographic team. We can't wait for August!


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