Monday, February 18, 2008

Jaqueline & Jonathan: Engagement

This couple is the bee's knees... the cat's pajamas!! Jaqueline and Jonathan were so AWESOME! They were so relaxed and incredibly easy to capture. They each have an individual style but they complement each other beautifully. We got to see the spot where Jonathan proposed and then fashioned our shoot around the immediate area. Thanks for sharing a gorgeous California afternoon with us!
SO... I told Jonathan that he had a perfect grin and joked that he must have been working on it for years. Apparently he has been perfecting it for quite some time.

Beacuse THIS is his rendition of Jonathan circa 1985 family photo... I nearly pee my pants everytime I see it!!

(Sorry Jonathan. But you pay me to capture memories, I'm just doing my job. ;)

The BIG Kick-off!!

February 10th was the kick-off service for Vantage Point! For the last few months they have held once a month preview services to spend time getting to know the surrounding community of Eastvale. They will now be meeting weekly! We continue to have our socks blown off by the amazing things God is doing through this brand new, growing church!


After service the awesome people at Philly's Best made everyone some sweet cheesesteak sandwiches! The line was out of control!! YUM!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Nicole and Keith

We ran all over town with Nicole and Keith this past weekend. First we stopped through Mission Viejo and then we headed over to one of our most popular spots, Salt Creek Beach. Nicole has an amazing smile and Keith was so willing to be in front of our cameras. Thanks for spending the afternoon with us! Enjoy...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Courtney is awesome!

So this is Courtney and she's rad! She is finishing school this year and is heading off to college to pursue her many passions. She will attend Bible college as well as take art classes. Her work is beautiful and we only got to see a few pieces from her sketchbook! This dynamo also plays the violin! We got to meet Courtney's mom, dad and sister. These are parents that seem to be completely in tune with their kids and I bet they would attribute it to homeschooling. Spending time with Courtney's mom really had me considering it for my own children (SOMEDAY)... Anyway, we had a great time with them so enjoy some photos...


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