Thursday, April 30, 2009

Amy & Tim: ENGAGED!!!

Amy has the smile-iest eyes! Yes, I know that's not a word but she really does. Especially when she looks at Tim. I feel like she is telling Tim she loves him just by pointing her sparkly eyes in his direction. I love when I can feel the connection between our clients. Amy & Tim claimed to be shy but were nothing short of amazing. Like I've said a million times, "if you two love each other and have some chemistry we're good to go!" They were silly, fun, and willing to do anything! We even got a chance to grab a photo of them in front of the door to the very first place they shared together. Memories are awesome.

Enough jibba-jabba here's some rad photos!

Like I said, "i love you" with the eyes!

Darby & Eric: ENGAGED!!

We met Darby and Eric on Halloween and it just so happened to be the night they got engaged! Darby hangs with our other friends/clients the amazing Lindsy & Lucas AND the original believers in Mathieu Photography Brad & Kara! We have been so blessed to see our circle grow. We have amazing clients that tell their friends and family about us. It is the biggest compliment and the key factor that has grown our business from the very beginning. If you are reading this please know that Matt & I are incredibly grateful.

Darby & Eric were nervous, we work well with nervous. I pull out some extra silly-sauce and do crazy things like jiggle my arm fat to get people to laugh. It works for the most part and we all end up having a good time. We love what we do!

You guys are so HOT! Check yourselves out!!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bitty & Shawn: ENGAGED!!

Bitty is one of the amazing actresses we get to work with at the playhouse in Costa Mesa. We've made some great friends there and we are so excited to shoot their wedding! Shawn is rad and we've been so blessed to be a part of their wedding process. We got to hike around the Will Rodgers Park in Pacific Palisades... the view was breathtaking and I was huffing and puffing like a big'ol pregnant lady! This kid is squishing my lungs for sure ;)

If you've never been there go check it out! Hike to the top and then think about how awesome Shawn is for proposing with that gorgeous view!


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