Thursday, February 26, 2009

Brent & Brooke: Engaged!!

Brent & Brooke are the cutest!! It happened to be an overcast day and they brought their warm coats. I was so excited because I've always wanted to shoot an "East Coast" session in the cold weather. Being that we don't really get seasons in southern California I was so excited to shoot some photos of people in layers! We trucked it all over Santa Monica and found some quiet places to shoot away from the weekend crowds.

Sidebar: People in love are the easiest people in the WORLD to capture!!! There is no substitute for natural chemistry!! Piece of cake. Thanks for lovin' each other ;)

Our makeshift traveling closets...

The Pier.

Our fave!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just Some Sweet Samples...

So, the other day Matt made some rockin' save-the-date samples for PJ and Kristin and I was very proud of him so I thought, "Hey, why not share these with the world?!"

And so I'm posting them below. All our save-the-dates are custom made and touched with Matt's magic wand (no he's not a fairy).







Rock N Roll Bride

Hello interwebs!! We just wanted to let you all know that our girl Kat over at Rock N Roll Bride has chosen to feature TWO of our weddings on her fantastic site! Kat is awesome and has rockin' pink hair! (if you know me my hair has changed colors many a time since my high school years, so I love the pink!) We love Kat's philosophy that a Rock N Roll couple is one that represents themselves in the details and feel of their wedding day. She chose to feature Mark & Jickie and Blair & Sean, please click here and scroll down a bit to check them out!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lauren & Aaron: ENGAGED!!

Lauren and Aaron are HOT! I'm just sayin' they were not difficult to photograph and we are so stoked for their wedding day!! Lauren lives at the Portefleur Estate (for now)! She is one of Mike & Joy's amazing children and we are so excited to spend some of our summer days at the estate! Aaron plays as a member of the worship team at our church. We had so much fun with them we probably could have taken pictures ALL day long! And they were such good sports about cancelling on a rainy day so we could have some gorgeous sunlight to accompany the beautiful field we found! yeah!!!!

My husband is so cute! Look at his handy work!


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