Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Malms and The Arnolds!

So you may recognize these gorgeous people from previous blog posts. We had the honor of shooting Sam & Tyler's wedding last summer and we recently shot John's senior photos. Now Amanda, Emily and Chris are another story... they are part of our fan club. Our Band-Aids if you will. :) We see them at so many of our weddings and it makes us smile to see familiar faces! Sam contacted me about some family Christmas photos and we were soooo stoked to see them all! So here's the break-down (in case the huge dimples don't inform you as to who's related). Sam and Tyler are married (love relatives!) John is Sam's Brother and the girls are Tyler's sisters. Oh, and Gunner is Sam and Tyler's amazing doggie.

Thanks so much for hangin' with us. We love seeing all of you and it's been so neat to see you over the last year or so. We hope to see you all much more often in the future!

p.s. Tyler serves our country in the military. I'm a chick and know nothing of the armed forces but I believe he works heavy artillery on helicopters. (please inform me if this is way off). I tried to express to Tyler today how much he means to us. I'm terrible with words when my emotions fog my head. Tyler, please know that we pray for you and we hope your time at home, in the states, is a time of rejuvenation and joy. Thank you, thank you, thank you. (Blog peeps feel free to leave supportive comments for Tyler below!)

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