Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bri + Trevor

I met Brianne years ago when we worked together at Islands. Bri was one of those people that I always looked forward to working with. She has a great laugh was always encouraging. We came to work and talked about boys and life and family in between waiting on our tables and I would always try to encourage her that there was not just a good guy but an AMAZING guy out there perfectly made for her. A man that would tell her a million times a day how beautiful and treasured she is. She had been friends with Trevor for quite some time but then they started dating and man he is THE guy! They love to laugh together, they both love being active and hanging out with their group of friends that truly serves more as a family. We had the privilege of shooting Kim & Jeff's wedding last year where Bri and Trevor both were a part of the bridal party and we knew someday soon if would be Bri & Trevor's turn. Their wedding at Aliso Creek Golf Course was beautiful and peaceful.

Brianne and Trevor... you truly are Mr. & Mrs. Awesome. We love hanging out with you both and we love sharing in marriages that we know will last a lifetime. Thank you for sharing this momentous occasion with us. We cannot wait to see what the future has in store for the two of you!!

Notice that there is one person smiling in this photo... Harli is one of our favorite little gals but sometimes she runs low on patience. I asked everyone to make the "Harli" face for this frame and of course she smiled :)

We have been so BLESSED to have amazingly rad clients! Kim, Jeff, Bri, Trevor & Sam we love you guys! Tyler our prayers are always with you! We miss you and cannot wait for your safe return home.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Adam & Shannon

First off Adam and Shannon are awesome! Second they're High School Sweethearts. How cool is that? What better place for an engagement session than...the school they went to. So we hit Fullerton High, we had tons o fun and got great images...we couldn't break in to the building where they had their first kiss but we got close enough...A picture is worth a thousand words so without further adieu, let's go back in the day with Shannon and Adam...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Headline: Mystery Baby Revealed!!!

Saturday September 12, 2009...I'm at a wedding and Molly's at home...Molly had gotten no sleep Friday because she's a worry wart and didn't want to go into labor Saturday while I was at the wedding...But sure enough Saturday afternoon Molly started laboring at home just trying to relax and hope it wouldn't go to quickly so I could be there. I tried to get home as quickly as possible so I could help Molly with labor as much as possible. You can't go to the Super Bowl without a coach can you?
Once the contractions were roughly 5 min apart lasting well over a minute for about an hour we decided to go to the hospital...Molly was already getting tired and not wanting to move so we thought the quiet hospital late at night was the best place so we wouldn't have to go anywhere in too much pain.
We checked in to St Jude Hospital and they let us stay because we were at 4.5cm dilated and 100% effaced...meaning we were seemingly half way to holding our child. But our little mystery baby had another plan...Molly labored through the night with contractions continuing at a frequency of 5min and increasing intensity...Molly became super exhausted and with nearly no sleep since Thursday we agreed to a little something to help Molly rest between contractions...but Oh Boy she still felt those contractions coming. By 7am we thought we'd have baby withing the hour...but still not yet...10am we started pushing and pushing and pushing and pushing...After 3 mind numbing and physically exhausting hours we were so so close we could see the head...But our energy level was so low and the pushing became so difficult the Dr suggested some options most of which just seemed plain ridiculous ( thanks) So we chose Pitocin...but oddly enough the pattern of contractions didn't change like the were supposed to and I think Molly really really wanted to hold her baby already just 5 minutes after pit drip Molly rocketed that little one right outta there...despite the cord wrapped around the neck 3 times, baby came out just perfect. I'm so unbelievably proud of Molly...our experience didn't quite match our intended birth plan but we did what we thought was necessary for a healthy and effective birth...We found out later the folks in the Operating Room really thought we were coming in there...but due to the determination of my wonderful bride and the patience and skill of our fantastic RN Norma We did it!!!!
Born with a full head of dark hair!
(not sure what happened there?)
and weighing in at 8lbs 1oz and 20 1/4" long
at 1:18pm on Sunday September 13, 2009
I reveal to you the Mystery Snelson child...
Charlotte June Snelson


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