Thursday, April 30, 2009

Amy & Tim: ENGAGED!!!

Amy has the smile-iest eyes! Yes, I know that's not a word but she really does. Especially when she looks at Tim. I feel like she is telling Tim she loves him just by pointing her sparkly eyes in his direction. I love when I can feel the connection between our clients. Amy & Tim claimed to be shy but were nothing short of amazing. Like I've said a million times, "if you two love each other and have some chemistry we're good to go!" They were silly, fun, and willing to do anything! We even got a chance to grab a photo of them in front of the door to the very first place they shared together. Memories are awesome.

Enough jibba-jabba here's some rad photos!

Like I said, "i love you" with the eyes!


  1. killer. dig the mirrory (yup, mirrory) diptychs.

  2. Old Town Orange is awesome. I have yet to find a couple who will shoot there though! Great job guys.

  3. Very unusual beautiful pictures. I love them! Tim's Mom. Can"t wait for the wedding pictures. Diane

  4. These are soooo fun! Love those shots infront of the door, and once again, your lighing skills are off the hook, that alley/fence shot is insanely awesome!

  5. I like your style of photography !




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