Thursday, April 30, 2009

Darby & Eric: ENGAGED!!

We met Darby and Eric on Halloween and it just so happened to be the night they got engaged! Darby hangs with our other friends/clients the amazing Lindsy & Lucas AND the original believers in Mathieu Photography Brad & Kara! We have been so blessed to see our circle grow. We have amazing clients that tell their friends and family about us. It is the biggest compliment and the key factor that has grown our business from the very beginning. If you are reading this please know that Matt & I are incredibly grateful.

Darby & Eric were nervous, we work well with nervous. I pull out some extra silly-sauce and do crazy things like jiggle my arm fat to get people to laugh. It works for the most part and we all end up having a good time. We love what we do!

You guys are so HOT! Check yourselves out!!!!


  1. WOW! These are amazing. I'm always eager to see the next post you two put up. The 8th from the bottom really caught my eye. I just love how the couple stands out.

  2. me likey! you guys keep bring more BOMB with each new post!!! lovin' it!!

  3. and now for the best of the blog awards:

    eric wins best hair
    darby wins best name
    the dress wins a trip to my closet

    i really like these shots, especially the way the yellows in the background offset the blues in their clothes.

  4. These are so HAWT! Ironically, I know Darby from waaaayy back in the day - we worked at the same salon. Small world!

  5. Dang peeps. I'm diggin these. I'm particularly diggin that last shot.


  6. You guys are ROCKING these latest sessions! Keep it up! Hope you are doing well!


  7. okay wow, what are freakin adorable couple! These are all so sweet! (....I have a soft spot for those yellow flower weeds) Annnnddd ummm hello! Those last two are killer!



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