Thursday, April 23, 2009

Erin & Justin: ENGAGED!!

Erin & Justin are amazing! I probably sound like a broken record but we leave our shoots feeling so blessed. Our clients feel like friends and who wouldn't want to work with their friends day in and day out? We have been so humbled by the perfect amount of work to support us financially and getting to meet some wonderful people along the way. Sure, there are moments of "we live in Orange County itis" but we know that we are exactly where God wants us; fully dependant on Him. (and He always makes sure the bills are paid)

Justin and Erin were made for each other and their chemistry and ear to ear smiles every time they look at each other speak volumes. We had so much fun laughing and "line-crossing" all day. (For those of you who haven't spent much time with me and Matt we tend to be a bit on the inappropriate side... we mean no harm by it but our quirky, sometimes straight stupid sense of humor is a part of OUR chemistry. We like to giggle like little girls. All of my girlfriends refer to Matty as "the line-crosser")

Bottom line: we love Justin and Erin, we can't wait for their wedding, we love what we do :)


ps. Justin wins super RAD points because he plays a ukulele!!!!!

My husband is super talented, I'm his biggest fan!

In case this entire blog post hasn't showed you true love and you needed 2 more visual examples of what love looks like... this is it!


  1. Thanks for showing the amazing love that we see in our little girl and our son to be, Justin. We love them both so much. God is so good.

  2. Hiiiii guys! I found you through Erin. I LOVE these photos of them. So perfectly captures their spirit in still frame. Great job!

  3. k, so i walk past that tunnel like 5 times a week and every time i see it's corrugated tin awesomeness, i think to myself, "that would probably make for some sweet images." really glad to see it in the hands of matt & molly. killer images, you two.

  4. I LOVE those tunnel shots!!!!! These are awesome you guys!

  5. Last two images got me smiling huge! NOICE!



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