Wednesday, April 15, 2009


A few weeks ago Matt and I had the opportunity of a lifetime! We got to attend the most amazing photography workshop in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We went because we wanted to learn and grow and pick up some business knowledge along the way. I was nervous. There are some photographers that totally intimidate me and sometimes there is some serious ego that comes along with that. The photography community in Southern California is WAY competitive and usually Matt and I just hang back and keep to ourselves because we're shy and nerdy. SO, going into this I thought I was flashing back to high school. I was worried about the cool kids and being totally unaccepted. I COULD NOT HAVE BEEN MORE WRONG. I came home feeling loved, accepted, encouraged and excited. We also came home with 30 something new friends! Truly people I would love to hang out with again! I never knew how it felt to have friends all over the country/world. Now I know! I hope life takes us around because I can't wait to hang out with them again.

Aside form making new friends we got to hang out with the Kaisers. Nate & Jaclyn are awesome, no joke. We have been slowly getting to know them over the past year and we laugh hysterically every time we're with them. We also got to learn from the incredibly talented Jose Villa. He shoots amazing images on film and has a beautiful portfolio of kidlets (my fave.) The amazing Tamara Lackey brought the business mindedness and some encouragement about managing other photographers. And last but most definitely not least we met Jesh. There are some people that leave a huge imprint on your life, Jesh is one of those people to me. He lives genuinely, loves freely and learns constantly. There really aren't words but I would encourage photographers and non-photographers alike to make it a life goal to hang with Jesh. I'm trying daily to be genuine, honest, and loving to every individual that i come across. (i'm not trying to be holier than thou, this is sooo difficult but I am working on it.)

And the kicker to this amazing trip.... wait for it... I got to see snow fall from the sky for the first time!!!!!!!!! AND the next morning I woke up to 8 inches on the ground!!! It was like a white Christmas in March! All in all I had an amazing time. I'm still trying to implement all the wonderful things I learned. Check out some photos, enjoy...

The WHOLE gang. (photo stolen from FB, thanks)

Done in camera.. wheeerrrrreeeeee's Matty???

Matt says this is what I would like like in 2001: A Space Odyssey. I think it's kinda scary lookin'

So the Encantado Resort we stayed at was super swanky and then we found this in the bar. It seemed very out of place. But Amy does need to be saved.

Me & one of the funniest people I have ever met, Tara.

Another rad buddie, Stephanie, workin' that thang.

Mr. Jesh

Mr. Villa

Mr. Sassy-pants (Nate). Jaclyn: not featured, she's a total babe and I hear you have to pay tons of money to publish a photo of her.


*All photos taken by Matt. I was too busy relaxing in the bathtub and trying to absorb all the knowledge that got crammed into my brain over 3 full days. :)

Isn't he awesome (he even photoshops my face and makes it look all purty).


  1. AWESOME!! Love your shots...loved meeting you!

  2. I made the blog?!!? Holy cats!
    I am so glad that we met, you and Matt are super awesome and pretty hot. I wish we lived closer so that Luca could teach your little baby how to be naughty... :)

  3. Wowza! Hotness all over the place. These are great you guys! & I'm so glad you were able to do this.

  4. I'm totally jelly. The snow is so pretty. Good times.

  5. Hey Molly, its Erica (Harper- Sandberg), I just found this and I made my blog private so I need your e-mail address so I can invite you! You are beautiful by the way!

  6. First of all, I so wish I was you guys, or was there with you guys...either way would be awesome.
    Second, Molly you are such a hottie!!!.
    Third, please teach me every thing you learned. Please. ;)



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