Monday, December 8, 2008

Photo Class

Today was a sad day. Not sad like my dog died. More sad like my photo class is over and now I won't get to see all my new friends twice a week. I think it's incredibly rare to have a class where all the students really vibe together. This class has been amazing. Mrs. Kane rocks! She is such a great teacher and she has fun inspiring her students to do more while making sure their heads don't explode over a scratch on their negatives. She has a love for photography and has inspired us all, both new to the game and a bit more experienced. I decided a few weeks back that I really wanted to document this special class in a way that would never let me forget any of them. And so I embarked on a mini-project and took some fun shots of each person. (I was also dying to take out Matt's new(ish) 35mm 1.4!!!) *thanks Image is Found*

So, here they are. Please have mercy on us. Our class is at 7AM and we're all a little crazy that early in the morning!

The fantabulous Kane! (She came out disguised. Hmmmmm, a woman of mystery)


This is Elvis. He wears gold kicks that say his name! Ans he's gonna be a crazy graphic artist.

This is Nicci. She's pretty passionate about EVERYTHING. I love that about her.

This is Mo. He grew up in Washington where he ran through the forest with his bow and arrow while letting his hippie hair flow in the wind. If you're at Disneyland track him down and hug him!

This is Jessica. She was in a crazy accident last week but she survived! And she hobbled around all of last week to get her final project done, what a trooper!

This is Freddie. She's named after her Dad, which is awesome! She was also in my dance class and she works at the Hungry Bear in Fullerton. Stop in and tell her I say, "Hey Freddie!" (Freddie has also been super encouraging to me throughout the semester, thanks Freddie!)

This is Tyler. He's got a girlfriend he's gaga over and he made her a really romantic photo for her birthday gift. All together now...1,2,3, awwwwwwwwww.

This is Amanda. She sat in front of me with her boyfriend Chris. They have been dating since high school and they were such a great team. They always helped each other out and they make each other laugh, which I love, of course!

And here's Chris, he takes rad photos and had the highest score in the whole class!! Go Chris!

Kyle is going to be an amazing 3rd grade teacher! He's hilarious and has bonded with Danimal (our other funny man). Kyle has a great eye for photography. Kyle, I think you'll make a great teacher BUT you have a lot of "art" in you and I hope you use those gifts as well! :)

Jessica has an awesome bestie that crochets zombie dolls. She used them for her final project and they were RAD! Jess and I bonded over our love for David Bowie and The Flight of the Concords. We would sing to each other in class and giggle. Good times!

This is Jorge. He is the sweetest!!! His grin is precious. His final project displayed his family members and I thought it was beautiful.

Oyuki has the coolest name ever! Her dad met a Japanese girl in school and loved her name, so much in fact that he named his daughter after her. Her name means "snow," I love it.

Kelly is quiet BUT I have a sneaking suspicion that she gets crazy with her friends! She is so sweet and her final project was one of my faves. Her photography reminds me of Matt's. She shot a payphone that I found absolutely fantastical!

Charade was also super encouraging to me this semester. She took beautiful photos throughout class. She's really getting into photography and I had a blast chatting with her. ;)

Patrick!!!! He just turned 18!! (trying to make me feel old!) The sweetest guy ever! He's very reserved and then he opens his mouth and this super-deep voice comes out, it's very strange. He commented on one of Nicci's photos early on in the semester. He said, "It reminds me of the DVD cover of The Notebook, it looks romantic." Get OUT! All the chicks dig him. (but he digs his girlfriend.)

This. is. Danimal. He and I, we have a special bond. He loves Jesus, so do I. He's got a special someone that really gets him, so do I. He's super silly, so am I. You get the idea. We laughed a lot and chatted about some serious life-stuff.
*Hi Margarine!

p.s. Danimal is gonna be a police officer. Don't make him kick your door down!!

And here's me. Mrs. Kane grabbed my camera and snapped a couple.
*I don't do mornings.

I just do FIERCE.


  1. did you use your digital camera to document your FILM class? hehehe

    Loved the series. do they offer a second semester class?

    love your work,

    dad in law

  2. Molly, I love the blog...As I have always said you do amazing work...Hi Matt, we have never met but Molly talks about you all of the time I feel like I know you... I love your work as well, and your camara...Hope to see you again Molly, maybe we can get the class together for dinner.

  3. I'm just gonna say that I can feel the love here people and I love it.

  4. awww how cute. fall of 08 baby =]

  5. Aww, thanks for liking my final project...Your awesome, I love all your photographs! I miss photo

  6. You totally get an A+ on your mini-project, Molls!
    Seems like a good group of people you got here.
    You totally gotta appreciate those classes, they're a dime-o-dozen.

  7. Mrs. Kane is one the raddest instructors ever. I've taken her class twice. First when I was 19. Second time was 2 or 3 years ago? I brought Sabina with me the second time. She wasn't as enthusiastic. I'll probably take it again some day. Good job Molly. I am confident you got a decent grade??? :)



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