Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Blair and Sean are crazy, awesome!! We adore them and they are so much fun to work with. We love them because they are always up for anything... as long as Blair's leaky eyes will allow. Poor thing has awful allergies and we always find a way to roll her around in nature! Anyhoo, they wanted to don their wedding attire once more and we happily obliged!! We also did a mini-session with Blair for her website. They will be up on the site one day soon but until then check out her work! She is awesome and has such a great attitude that we're positive she'd be a blast to model for! Thanks for spending the afternoon with us. We were so excited to see you and we hope we get to shoot you through all your stages of life :)

*Blair and Sean also get extra impressive cool points for sending us a rad Christmas card!!!

Part 2:The Wilderness...

Coming late night after SMASHING PUMPKINS!!!!!!!


  1. LOVE these!
    Molls, you are CRANKIN out the blogs these days. You must have found your niche.

  2. AHHHHH!!!!! OMG these are so fun!!! I LOVEEEE THEM!!!! I cannot wait for part two. How amazing are you guys!?! Thanks sooo much for the props too. I freakin love you guys!

  3. Love the reflection of the boots!



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