Friday, December 5, 2008

Mark & Jickie: MARRIED!!

Mark and Jickie are two of our favorite people. We not only had the honor of capturing their wedding but we've had the pleasure of watching them grow over the past 6(ish) years. Their wedding was so much fun because we got to work and be guests. Which is a tricky balance ;)

I'm a gooey mess at all the weddings we shoot because I love weddings and I'm too emotional for my own good. But this time I had a tear in my eye and a quiver lip! I really had to hold it together!!

Mark, Jick, we love you both so much. We really respect that you have chosen to commit yourselves to each other for life. We want you to know that if you ever need ANYTHING just say the word. We pray that your marriage will be strong and filled with joy. Thank you for asking us to be a part of this amazing event. Happy Home-making!!

Extra special thanks to our friend and coordinator Ellen. Throw her an email for all your coordinating needs


This photo reminds me of pictures of Mark and Jick from when they first started dating...


I want someone to pin a credit card to my dress!

Then there were these super hot peeps... all night I felt drawn to them. Aren't they supremely sexy!?

Warning: Super-kick-ass-ring-shots right below!


  1. I love the fact that you guys ALWAYS get great Bride "happy" shots but also manage to unleash the inner child in the wedding parties bravo

  2. Jick looks BEAUTIFUL in these pics! Snelsons, your photos never cease to amaze me. Me and Pea were just talking and agreed that they get better and better every week! Your gunna be supa-stars.

  3. these are seriously soooo timeless. like i'm speechless. stunning stunning.

  4. that comment was from amie, btw...

  5. Gorgeous footage! Jickie is so glamorous, so radiant, and to think those fires raging all around! I hope Mark and Jick love them. I do. (get it, I do? that wasn't intentional, but I might be brilliant, I dunno) Anyway, I hope this doesn't offend anyone, but Jickie wins for Best Smile. Unreal how perfect it is. so jelly.

  6. This wedding has so much personality and life. I love love them!

  7. What a darling celebration! Lovely photos!!!

  8. love, love, LOVE this wedding!! you guys did a fabulous job!!!
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