Friday, August 21, 2009


Matt & I have known Sabina and Andres for a decade and they have been together almost just as long. Matt and I love to use our business to celebrate marriage and the love between two people. Our friends have been through trials together that some couples with 30 years of marriage under their belt have not had to endure. A while back Andres was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer called burkitt's type lymphoma. Our friends rallied to support him and Sabina took care of him. He has, by the grace of God, been in remission and all of his hair has come back along with the joy of being cancer free! Every time I see Andres I am reminded of what a miracle he is and we were so blessed when they asked us to document their lives together. Please enjoy our friends, their wicked sense of style and the love they share.

UMMMMMMMM, are you kidding me!? I love it!

Meet Lil'miss Sophie!

Sabina is a stunner!


  1. the peachies got so much style, it hurts me, it makes me feel i need a makeover. but of course i wouldn't want it any other way, these photos are scrumptious! i cannot get enough. i would eat them, i tell you. can i come over and see more?

  2. Oh my the Peaches are so friggin cute!
    Poodles these pictures are bananas!!

  3. i die. I DIE! i want wallets. WALLETS! omg, these are seriously seriously the bees knees. amazing.

  4. ok, you guys have officially taken it to HOE-NOTHA LEVEL! great job for even greater folks!

  5. HO-LY CRAP!!!
    There is so much creativity.... style, sass and tude to this shoot. I can hardly contain myself. I abolutely LOVE these.

  6. Freakin awesome guys! Love em!

  7. Matt, my only down comment is ya need to show him how to wear a hat {snap the front brim down} otherwise this is a bottom of the 9th 3 runs down in the 7th game of the world series grand slam!!!!!!!!!1


  8. this is one of my favorite shoots of yours! awesome guys!

  9. You know what...? Forget you guys then! I can't believe we haven't met yet. What is wrong with us? We need to fix this, like...STAT! Don't be lame no more. Manditory EPlove + Mathieu Photography practice soon, where we will learn and put into every day use...friendship, inspiration and non-lamedness. Be there or you're off the team.

    ps. I'm feeling way too bossy today. I need a burrito.

  10. I have always loved you guys but I have to say that this shoot is my all time favorite! You guys are AMAZING! Love it, love it, love it!

  11. wow matt... you guys outdone yourselves.. best series i have ever seen from you guys! inspiring photos bro!

  12. I love these pictures almost as much as I love them!!!

  13. I don't remember how I found you, and I haven't been following long. But, this has got to be my very most favorite post I have seen of yours. What fun! And love! Thanks for sharing. ~Mindy

  14. very creative use of flash



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