Thursday, October 16, 2008


I have three brothers whom I love very much. Actually, I adore them. They have three very distinct personalities and I love that we're all sooo different and yet all strangely the same in many ways. It's been interesting for the last few years. Things have changed... I moved out, got married and then started our photography business. Needless to say, for someone who doesn't deal well with change, there's been quite a lot of it. When you live at home with your family it feels like they're always just there. It was so hard for me to appreciate because the idea of being a "grown-up" and not living there always seemed like a distant future that I wasn't sure would come. I love being married. I love everything about it. But in the area of family it is truly stretching me in various ways. My brothers are precious to me and it really breaks my heart that I don't see them that often. However, this week I have been truly blessed! I got to have a chat with Sam on the phone about life as a 16 year old, I got to go Halloween shopping with Christopher for his AMAZING costume and I got a beautiful email from Benji containing some extraordinary poetry in the place of hang out time, which I gladly excepted. I hardly ever write like this on our blog but I just wanted to shout into the inter webs that "I LOVE MY BROTHERS!!" Thanks for being amazing guys, turning way too quickly into amazing men. I hope to remain near and dear to you into our old and wrinkly stages of life.

Benj sent me this photo a while back that he came across in an old photo album. I always smother my brothers with hugs, sometimes to their chagrin. So Ben sent me some love which of course made my eyes tear with over-sentimentality. (I can't help it.)

Yes, those are bicycle shorts and a mighty ducks shirt, don't hate. AND we're washing my Dad's Saturn that I later demolished. Oops.

And here's an updates version from vacation this summer :)


  1. Awwww. I love Benji-boy.
    I love the before and after photos. Too cute. I also have the vivid memory of us pulverizing that Saturn on La Habra Blvd...

  2. I love the Millikan boys! ditto on the pulverizing (I was there, wasn't I? or was I there for Jenny pulverizing the Honda?)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Babbs, you were definately there for the pulverizing of the Saturn. It was Molly who was there for the pulverizing of my Honda and the end of her fun career of chillaxin' in the passenger seat with her feet up on the dashboard.



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