Thursday, February 26, 2009

Brent & Brooke: Engaged!!

Brent & Brooke are the cutest!! It happened to be an overcast day and they brought their warm coats. I was so excited because I've always wanted to shoot an "East Coast" session in the cold weather. Being that we don't really get seasons in southern California I was so excited to shoot some photos of people in layers! We trucked it all over Santa Monica and found some quiet places to shoot away from the weekend crowds.

Sidebar: People in love are the easiest people in the WORLD to capture!!! There is no substitute for natural chemistry!! Piece of cake. Thanks for lovin' each other ;)

Our makeshift traveling closets...

The Pier.

Our fave!


  1. You guys caught some great moments! That surprise attack turned into a really good shot =)

  2. There are some really beautiful shots here. You seemed to capture some authentic, tender moments between them. Very sweet!

  3. These are so much fun!! Great set. =)

  4. see how great a hat can look on a man, MATT?

    loved the pictures, each set better than the last


  5. Brooksie,

    Looks great. Congratulations.

    I didn't think they had "cold" days in SoCal???

    -- Matt B.

  6. cuh-yute couple! how charming is that the green brick wall.

  7. that looks like a non-sequitor, it's just my stream of consciousness sorry. feel the love, anyway.



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