Friday, February 13, 2009

PJ and Kristen: ENGAGED!!

PJ & Kristen are awesome! We actually go wayyyyy back. It has been so fun to hang out with them and catch up on the years we've missed. I just DIE when people tell me that they're nervous about being in front of the camera and tell me over and over that they're not models. Puh-lease! Just wait till you see these photos!! Kristen finally fessed up and told us she'd been practicing her modeling faces and man-o-man did the practice pay off! They look amazing! We can't wait for their wedding in July, enjoy...


  1. probably some of your best work yet!!! nice job guys!

  2. probably some of your best work yet!! nice job guys!!

  3. awesome session! the word vibrant comes to mind. i just did an e-sesh there last weekend for the first time and i'm pumped do see these images and see how someone else saw and shot the same location. dig it!

  4. great job guys...


  5. awesome photos! much history at crystal cove guys...


  6. Fan-Freakin-Tastic shoot, guys!

  7. You need to enable the "followers" so everyone can see who your groupies are...but I'd make sure to block that Jenny up there... seem like she might have stalker tendencies!!!! :0


  8. wow! these are so fun! How do you guys always have the most beautiful clients!?



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