Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Santillan Family

So, last year I had the privilege of shooting the Santillan kids. (Truth be told they were the very first shoot I (Molly) did completely ALONE. Matt has been an amazing teacher to me and I continue to grow while using my camera. Sorry for the sidebar....) Last week we were asked to capture the whole family. Although I don't see the Santillan's very often I have such wonderful memories of Buddy running around church when he was little, I held Maddy when she was fragile and tiny! And Atticus has basically been the baby stand-in for my family. My Mom, Dad and brothers completely adore him! Have you seen those HUGE brown eyes?! Who could blame them?

Sarah and Gavin are amazing! They love their kids and Grandpa Tim and they both have an incredible heart for high school kids.

Santillans... it has been such a blessing to watch your family grow! We are so excited to see the kids morph into amazing, little human beings. We have such respect for the marriage and example that you two set for your kids.


It's not a real tear but isn't he precious!?

This is Buddy's video game hat, cute huh?

Grandpa Tim was getting all the kids to listen for the airplanes... he had the best ideas for getting Atticus' attention. The love he has for his grandkids is so strong you can feel it.

Last, but not least, some support for their beloved Trojans!!

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