Saturday, November 21, 2009

Robyn & David: MARRIED!

We get the opportunity to work with people who are in love. But people in love can be SO different. Everyone speaks a different "love language" if you will. Robyn and David are intentional. They love each other with joy but with seriousness. This is not to say they don't laugh and have a great time, they definitely do. But, they pour energy into making sure the other person is shown love and respect. I think this is something you have to work at. If Robyn and David have to work at it you can't tell. They make it seem effortless. I know I'm rambling a bit but I feel so blessed to glean unspoken relationship wisdom from our clients. I get to watch and learn.I tend to let laundry, vacuuming, Charlotte, work, emails and all the other stuff get in between me loving my husband the way he needs to be loved. Sometimes it feels like I'm trying to make googly eyes at him from across the room and everything is blocking my view. I want to learn to run across the room and get so close to his face that nothing can get in the way of me seeing him.
(*note: this does not mean I will neglect my new daughter :)

Robyn & David thank you for reminding me to be intentional. We loved being a part of your wedding day. We love even more your hearts. You are both dedicated to using your gifts for service and we can't wait to hear about your new life in a new place. Look out Utah, here some the Clintons!! :)


  1. You're woking that tilt-shift like magic! Fantastic shots! Awesome styling with the man and women symbols.

  2. I meant working. Stupid me!

  3. very cool! Love that shot in front of the green door!!!!

  4. that TS in front of the garage is rad- looks like a fun wedding.

  5. Oh my wow! I love the black and whites, so speaks to me. Nice work!



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