Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bree & Brad: ENGAGED!!

As I type I am watching my little girl sit in her little recliner-bouncy-vibrating seat-thingy. Her limbs NEVER stop moving! She's like a hamster in a wheel. Her little legs brush past each other so quickly I'm afraid she will spark a living room fire with the sheer friction caused by her tiny feet. I admit it is difficult to run a business with a new baby. I feel like finding a balance will be a constant battle for me. But if I step outside of myself for a second I remember that there are lots of moms & dads that have to say goodbye to their precious babies everyday for at least 8 hours or even worse they serve our country and have to say goodbye for months! So, all things considered I have an incredbly sweet deal. So, what it's tricky. At least I get to watch my baby grow (even if it does mean less beauty rest:)

Enough about us, Bree & Brad are romantic and sweet in all the right ways. When we have the privilege of capturing "the look" through our cameras we go away from our shoot on a cloud of happiness. Brad and Bree give each other "the look" all the time. Their look says a million things to me through my lens. It says, I will always take care of you, I will fight for you and defend you and I will always be here with a hug to comfort you. Bree & Brad, life will throw a lot at you and sometimes it will be easier to pout in your own corner and lean out. Take some advice from two people still figuring out how to love each other. When life gets hard walk away from your corner, cuddle on a couch together and lean in.

We can't wait for your wedding ;)


  1. Awesome pictures! Amazing use of light!!!

  2. Amazing pictures you guys. Such a cute couple and like said above,, the light is like BUTTTAH.

    P.S. Charlie is the cutest little button ever!!

  3. We love our pics!!!...Thanks so much Matt, Molly, and Charlotte!!!!


  4. Wow they are a young couple! cute though :)

  5. Just stumbled on your blog today. Great stuff. I really like your style.



  6. Beautiful!!!! You guys are so talented.

  7. I love these !! The last one is just stunning !!



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