Saturday, November 28, 2009

Charlotte is getting BIG!

It's SO weird... I look at Charlotte and I think, "you're getting so big!" And then I think she's only 2 months old! How will I feel when she's 1, 5, 10 YEARS old?! I am constantly reminded by my daughters presence that I need to live in the moment. I do not claim to have mastered the art of being present, I'm terrible at it. I worry, A LOT! But I'm working on appreciating all I have and spending quality time with the people I love.

I think Matt and I both struggle with documenting our lives because our job is to do this for other people. Our goal is to at least take a mini-session with Charlotte as a marker of each month of her precious life. Here is our first self-family portrait! Enjoy!


  1. 2 months? wow time flies!! Charlotte is adorable, I love her hairstyle!! lol :)

  2. ah! I just love her to pieces - your whole little family for that matter! These pictures are all so warm and sweet! I cant wait to watch her grow and be there for all the big birthdays! LOVE you guys soooo much!

  3. you guys make me want to have kids! love them!

  4. She's spectacular!!!!!! can't wait to meet her! just a couple more weeks!

  5. Yaaayyyy!!!! I love your family. adorable.

  6. GREAT shots!! Charlie is getting so big and she is seriously THE CUTEST BABY EVER!! LOL,, I really do mean it. I only say it about babies when I mean it. We would LOVE to shoot your gorgeous family if you'd like us,,, we would be blessed to.

  7. oh god, i love her. she has such sassy hair. duh!!!

  8. them...she is adorable!!

  9. Shes precious Molly, and you look beautiful! What a gorgeous family.



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