Friday, October 30, 2009

Times they are a changin'

I'm not a writer but I'm in a mood (go with it) ...

I've never been very good with change. It always seems that as things find a happy balance life weasels it's way in and makes everything different. Over the last few years I have left "home" to live with some of my closest girl friends. It was such a growing process for me. I graduated from college and learned to be independent, to pay ALL of my bills by myself and to create boundaries as a roommate to others. Shortly thereafter I got married to the coolest cat I've ever known. I had lived with 5 other people for nearly my whole life and now I would live with just 1 person. When Matt wasn't home I would be ALONE. And gosh, it was lonely sometimes. The hustle and bustle of people coming and going became a memory. But I have loved learning to be a wife. I enjoyed looking forward to him walking through the door and building our marriage together. It took me all of three years to feel like I had finger hold (not even a grasp) on how to be a wife. And then all of a sudden I was pregnant!! I really felt like I didn't know yet how to be a good wife and now I had to learn how to be a mother! As soon as I got used to the idea of being pregnant it was over and Charlotte was here.

She's has changed our lives. We're responsible for a perfect little person and the worry kills me sometimes. I feel so blessed. Charlotte makes us smile and we can already see her little personality starting to emerge.

I've never been good with change but now I find myself looking forward to it. I can't wait to hear her little voice and her giggle. I want to see her walk and make friends. I can't wait to see what she's passionate about. And I may even take her to a ballet class!! I guess after 27 years of not liking change I have fully surrendered to the idea that God is in control of all the changes. I'm starting to look forward to change and I have Charlie to thank for that.

I'm a blessed girl in more ways than one. Here are a couple of photos my friend Megan took. She's another huge blessing to me and I am so grateful for these pictures of my two favorite people in the whole world.

Happy Halloween and enjoy your weekend!

This one is for Grandma and Charlie's aunties... big pink bows and all things girlie :)


  1. This is such a perfect post. Molly , I can only hope to be as sweet of wife and mother as you are to Matt and Charlie! You are all so blessed to have each other to make such a beautiful family! And these pictures represent it so well! I love them!....and you guys! :)

  2. Beautiful post Molly. I constantly am going through these emotions every time I see my babies. I like control...and then we discovered we were having an unexpected blessing (Madi) 10 months in our marriage! Talk about lack of control. But is all good. God is in control of these changes. And I have a sweet girl and a sweet baby boy because of it. God is good!

  3. Awww this is so sweet... your words and the photos! :)

  4. Hands down, the Snelsons know how to make a cute kiddo.

  5. Awesome. You guys are so blessed.

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