Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jen & Arjen: MARRIED!!

So... Jen had a friend who attempted to email a guy and accidentally left off the numbers from the end of the email address. Rather than the guy she meant to connect with she made a cyber space pen pal in the form of Arjen, a nice guy from the Netherlands. They chatted for a bit and Jen's friend thought that Arjen and Jen would be a good match. They chatted.. all three becoming close friends and then Jen and Arjen became more. He came here, she went there. They saw each other every six months and decided they should get hitched! The last year or so Jen has lived in the Netherlands, making a life with Arjen and learning to speak Dutch and a bit of German. Their entire story hinges on the lack of a couple digits on an email address. I think it was meant to be and I love that their love formed through two computers communicating from halfway across the globe.

Arjen & Jen it was wonderful hanging out with you and meeting your families.



  1. That's an AMAZING story! I love the pictures, especially the one with the big tree.

  2. Umm yeah, coolest love story ever! These pictures are so sweet, goes with their story perfectly! :)



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