Monday, December 14, 2009

Jennifer & Jimmy: ENGAGED!!

We met Jennifer and Jimmy in Downtown Pomona near our old stomping grounds. Matt and I have been to many a punk-rock show and plenty of these outings were spent at the Glass House! Oddly enough it should now be called the "wood" house because all the glass is gone but never the less it brought back memories.

We wandered around Pomona and got to know our clients. It's funny, when we worked at restaurants we were friends with our coworkers and we all did the same thing. We shared stories about serving nightmares and horrible customers. When you work in a bar or restaurant you all speak the same language. Now that we get to photograph people for a living we meet ALL kinds of people. I feel like our clients are constantly educating us. For example, Jennifer is Veterinary Technician and Jimmy is an EMT. I love listening to their stories and chatting about their lives. We are so lucky to have amazing clients that share their stories with us.

Jenn and Jimmy, you're hot and we can't wait for your wedding!


  1. Oh the life of restaurants! I lOVE IT. haha.
    But getting the pictures: Gotta love the rustic background of the fourth shot down, and the alley image.
    Way to go you two!

  2. I'm in love with all of them, but specifically LOVIN the black and white images! You rock!

  3. LOVE these!!! I have ALWAYS wanted to shoot down there - love that house! You guys totally rocked this area, and this couple is soooo cute!!!

  4. i dig. if you know what i mean.



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