Sunday, September 16, 2007

VantagePoint Church!!!!

Today was the first celebration service at VantagePoint Church in Eastvale. My family and extended family (by way of Jesus bonds) are starting a new church in the Eastvale area. It was so exciting to see a dream finally realized. The service was amazing , the worship rocked and Mark as always gave an encouraging and energetic message. Teamwork and serious cooperation are what made this whole day possible along with a lot of love and care for this community. We were so blessed to just get to take some photos for fun! We really enjoyed getting to do this to simply document the first service in a long journey ahead. We look forward to seeing what the Lord will do with this willing and excited community of believers!

My handsome bothers Chris and Sam! (and E.J., don't think I didn't see ya!)
The talented Worship and Arts Pastor Tom Lanning.

Jacob rippin' it on the drums!

My amazing brother Ben!!!! Woohoo!!!

The dynamic and inspirational teaching pastor Mark Lee!

A special thanks to River Heights Intermediate School for letting us use your facilities.
Our smarty-pants tech team! (Sorry Joe, you kept hiding behind the monitor.) Nancy is such a babe! :)

We had such a great time! Their next service is on October 14th @10am! Be sure to check out their sweet new website


  1. Matt and Molly, it was so nice to meet you. Our family enjoyed visiting and being a part of this exciting day!
    Nice photos...I can see all three of my kids in!

  2. Thanks so much for taking pictures and being a part of our first day. It was pretty exciting, wasn't it? The pictures look great.



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